Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I know it's been a while, but I've been too busy with work and school to have random thoughts, with the exception of a dream I had two nights back.

All I remember from my dream was we (not sure who "we" were) were in a house that we were using as a refuge/shelter from some one or some thing. Anyways, it was pitch black, and my best friend was locked outside with whatever we were escaping while we were going into lockdown mode, looking for her father. While she was outside, I was writing a decree of some sorts and got word that her dad was killed. Next I know, I'm running around screaming "Kat's dad is dead. Repeat, Kat's dad is dead!!" Not sure what that means, but I'll go with it.

My question is...Twilight was thought up because of the meadow scene... HOW DID SHE REMEMBER HER DREAM WELL ENOUGH TO WRITE ABOUT IT?!!? And, do you have any dreams you remember vividly enough to write a 4 part "saga" about???

Friday, September 23, 2011

Electric Shock

The one thing constantly on my mind right now is Tough Mudder... They had this year's competition up in Squaw Valley for all the NorCal participants, and it looks brutal. Cold water, electric shocks, and climbing up half pipes, all while running up a mountain... CANNOT WAIT!!!

I haven't started training yet, but the one that worries me the most is the one that they call "Ball Shrinker"...Really hoping that's just cold water...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I went crazy

My day today consisted of me walking to where I work just to realize that I didn't have to be there, so I should have had lots of time for random questions. I  only had one... How do these exercises help for the Tough Mudder? I am now concerned...


So, the highlight of my day today was figuring out how to braid my hair with one hand. Unfortunately, I had to do it to the side, so I still have a long project a head of me.

I had a few random thoughts today. One of my friends is with this girl who is super afraid of dicks. So I started to wonder what straight girl is afraid of that? Isn't part of the attraction to people, on an animal level, sex? We may like to think that we don't have to have it, or personality is better, but everyone eventually has it. If you're afraid of the opposite sex's parts, why go for them, your same sex has parts you're NOT afraid of...

Another question that always pops into my head at random times is the number system... who decided 6+4=10? and who decided the value of 6 and 4, and how to write it? Which then led me to the alphabet and words, and grammar and I just had to stop thinking about things because my brain was hurting and I had homework to finish.

My homework made me realize that most Americans know nothing about how our political system works, and that I just assume all developed countries are run like ours, but they're not. England still has a queen and parliament, as does Canada, but other than that, I'm living under a rock. I couldn't tell you how the German elections are run, or how Portugal agrees on policies (much less what their policies are). We, as a country, are so focused on how much our President (regardless of who he is apparently) sucks and we can't wait until he's out of office. My hope every four years is: maybe people will actually look at what the candidates are saying, and NOT saying, for that matter. But every four years, I am sorely disappointed in my fellow Americans for electing who they think will make them look the coolest at the next party, rather than who will actually do what they think the President should do.

I think the most annoying random thought I had today was: why does it always look like men's hair grows in forwards, and women's hair grows backwards?

Friday, September 16, 2011

The beginning

So, as you will come to find out, I'm a pretty random person. This blog will be physical places to travel to, but also all the places my mind takes me. If you're easily confused by things that don't make sense, I would stop reading now as most of what I say won't make sense at face value.

To start, I think I'm going to talk about a place my mind took me during an amazing day out with one of my friends: magnet powered cars. My friend and I were sitting in Starbucks talking about the different things we think about while doing other things and I mentioned trying to design a car powered by water. I had given up on this idea because I don't know enough about cars, but then he mentioned using magnets to move the car. If I remember my physics classes right, that should be able to work because if you find a way to attract and repulse the magnets from each other, they'll move, which will cause electricity, which will power the car. Now, I could be totally incorrect because while I was supposed to be learning that I was either designing my car or talking to friends on Facebook and don't fully remember.

That thought then took me to, why is it called Facebook? I understand MySpace, but Facebook just confuses me. Started thinking about it a little bit more and realized that all you really see is faces. Whether it's multiple faces of the same person, or just different people. Not sure how it's a book, but I guess that doesn't matter too much. Kind of like the order you list what you want in you Starbucks.

The people that go there all the time know what order they like placing their order in, but the baristas are pretty good at listening to the full order, no matter what order you go in. Which is why I can get a zebra mocha frappuccino with caramel, coconut,  and 3 extra shots and no whip and they know I don't mean extra shots of flavor.

 Coffee reminds me of all the times my friends and I would go after school or during lunch (or both) and figure out which places had the best coffee. We never agreed, but some of the conversations we had made me laugh so hard, my coffee shot out my nose. The one that made me laugh the hardest was our debate on energy drinks and which one was best. One of my friends is super conservative and super straight and when he said "I love Bawls" I lost it. I don't care that it's about energy drinks, just hearing "I love balls" out of his mouth made me cry.

Which brings me to my closing question... why do we cry when we laugh too hard?